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I have asked all three members of the Lorwolm about heaven.

Of Tsitao-utna I asked "What is heaven like?" There was several moments of silence, then a voice unlike Tsitao-utna's customary voice spoke from above the blue bowl: "You're soaking in it."

I refer to Tsitao-utna as a female because she uses a feminine voice. This voice was also female, but it was apparent to me that someone else was speaking. The voice was weirdly familiar; I felt like Tsitao-utna had played a recording of someone I had known in my childhood. It took a few days, but I finally realized who had spoken: "You're soaking in it," had been the catch-phrase of Madge, a character from an old Palmolive commercial. Madge was the manicurist who praised the gentleness of Palmolive dish soap to customers who were surprised to find that their hands were soaking in it.

The actress who played Madge was Jan Miner; she died in 2004, but I am sure it was not her speaking from beyond the grave.


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